The WATER element strengthens and balances the KIDNEYS and BLADDER. The WATER individual stores and processes stress heavily within these detoxification organs.
The urinary system is just as important a detox mechanism as the digestive system.

My ENNEAGRAM 2’s, 4’s and 6’s, tune in. These organs help process emotions of:
– Fear
– Fright – Scared easily
– Paralyzed Will – frozen with fear/cant make decisions
– Bad Memories
– Dread or Impending Doom
– Timid or Shyness
– Contemplation

If you have to deal with these type of emotions, then you could be a WATER.
The WATER people:
– Deep intellectually
– They make sure everyone is SAFE
– Love water – lakes, rivers, oceans…water gives them a sense of peace and detachment
– LOVING and Sympathetic
– STRONG belief systems
– Don’t mess with their peeps, they will defend

When these organs are strong and balanced they help process FEARS and BAD MEMORIES efficiently. These organs keep a person grounded in the present, so that they don’t live in the past.

When a WATER individual gets tired from overwork and fatigue (which commonly happens with this element) the kidneys and bladder can become stagnant. As the organs “back up” the individual starts to become fearful. Every small event, that shouldn’t create fear can turn to fright, panic, dread that something bad is going to happen, and jumpiness.

Not only can these emotional symptoms show, but physical problems can begin:
– UTI’s-urinary tract infections (chronic)
– High Blood Pressure
– Kidney stones
– Chronic Low back/flank pain
– Extreme fatigue around 3-7pm
– Urinary difficulties
– Anxiety
– BAD DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES -sometimes drowning is common

Water individuals see with love. Love for others, love for themselves, and love for the work they do. Routine or monotony is not in their core; they often ask themselves how do I contribute to the world.

As loving as these individuals are, they still can base situations, relationships, and memories on the amount of fear that is produced.

They see with love, but feel fear. This all can be based upon the fact that they love people and want all things to be safe. However, They have a tendency to absorb and feel fear so that others don’t.

Too much fear will weaken the water element. It will create an environment of constant dread or impending doom type feelings-something bad is going to happen.

There is a healthy balance between love and fear. (there should be a healthy fear of losing self identity) If the water element individual does not look out for themselves, they will lose their identity in others and in their work. They will become so deep within thought that they can become detached from the outside world.

Chronic thought
“Does what I do matter? Does anyone notice me?”WATER peeps, we notice.

How can the water element balance the fear to feel the love? In traditional Chinese medicine there are some thoughts :
– Actively repeat, meditate, and know that everyone notices you and what you do.
– Realize that people feel your love, you don’t have to prove it to them.
– Spend as much time in the water as you can, it strengthens you.
– Try sipping on dandelion tea, but don’t if you have an allergy to dandelion
– If Chronic kidney or bladder infection is a problem, try probiotic and herbal supplements to clean the urinary system out. This can have a definite positive affect on your fear.

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