The WOOD element describes a person who depends on their liver and gallbladder to process the majority of their stress.

This is especially for all the 1, 3, 8 and even the 9’s in the ENNEAGRAM.
These organs help process emotions of:
– Anger
– Resentment
– Frustration
– Irrationality
– Indecisiveness
– Depression

If these are the type of emotions you express at times, the WOOD element could be you:)
The WOOD peeps are:
– Processors and Thinkers
– Straight forward and smart
– Love being around the trees and woods
– Natural hard workers

Liver and Gallbladder
These two organs process the emotions of anger, frustration, and resentment throughout the whole day. In this day and world, these emotions are prevalent.

High levels of stress, improper diet, and lack of sleep really press the liver and gallbladder, which can fatigue them over time. Anger, frustrations, etc. eventually get backed up in the organs, and over time start to express themselves in everyday life.

The physical and chemical signs of fatigue:
– High Blood Pressure
– Anger and Frustrated Easily
– Improper Liver Enzyme levels
– Gall stones
– Liver and gallbladder conditions
– Waking up/sleep problems between 11pm-3am
– High cholesterol

These individuals feel at ease when things are:
– In their right place
– running efficiently
– Truthful and just-defend and protect
– coming together as they PLANNED
– On schedule and time efficient
– Paying off, work has great reward

These individuals usually show themselves to be very hard workers. They see the world through efficiency, but not just family or work wise. They commonly want to see the greatest good for people. The mindset can be “How can we make even the smallest things benefit everyone?” Their joy is taking their gifts in such things as business, leadership, and entrepreneurial and seeing it produce not only money, but charity for those in need.

They love to solve problems, especially for hurting people.

Anger is a double edged sword. Too much can literally kill you, hopefully that doesn’t sound negative. When the WOOD element gets overheated, these individuals show frustration and anger at a snap if they are fatigued…and they don’t even mean to at times.

But there is such a thing as righteous anger, defending and protecting those in need and wanting justice served.

In traditional Chinese medicine there are a few simple rules to help cultivate the wood element:
– Daily Meditation and walks
– daily remind yourself that everything does not have to be in perfect order
– realize when things do not go as planned, they are for your growth
– routine, light cardio exercise to work off frustration
– liver and gallbladder cleanse is can help with anger and strengthening this element

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