In the office I often see physical signs and symptoms associated with particular numbers of the ENNEAGRAM.

The characteristics and motivation of each ENNEAGRAM number can create fatigue in a person if they push themselves too much. Fatigue comes from overworked organs in the body. And the organs are governed by your element.

Traditional Chinese Medicine relates to the ENNEAGRAM through the elements and organs.

The elements – Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Metal are descriptions particular to you. They describe how you RESPOND or REACT to any situation.

Your element tells which organs are the strongest within you, and which ones you rely the most on to process all your stresses.

For example, if you are water, you are able to conform easily, cool down a situation, but very strong-you can break rock with the force of water.

The water is tied to the kidneys and bladder. But if you become tired you can get fearful easily and experience urinary tract issues. I will describe more this week.

Your element needs to be accentuated to heal! Learning and being more aware of you, is the key.

Their is relationship with elements and the numbers in the ENNEAGRAM.

Understanding your element allows you to know which organs are most stressed within your ENNEAGRAM.

If you know which organ is stressed, then you know which symptoms to expect. We will discuss steps in energizing your element to balance the organs for your number type.

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