Type 5 – The Investigator

The world depends on the FIVE for PROGRESS and ADVANCEMENT. Whether it is in technology, the arts, religion, the sciences, etc., the INVESTIGATOR loves to uncover what lies beneath it all. FIVES bring the light!

The FIVES not only want to know how a formula works, but also the “why’s, what, when or where’s” that brought the formula together. Having a grasp of all the components of any situation helps them predict what can or more than likely will occur. This makes them excellent problem solvers, not just small ones, but problems that effect in a large scale. That is why they are so important to our society, they see the big picture, solve the problem, and INNOVATE at the same time.

They make problem solving pretty:), and they do it to their unique style. People ALWAYS COME TO THESE INDIVIDUALS for advice and information.

It is amazing to me how the FIVE can take tons of knowledge and pinpoint what is the most useful and effective pieces of information (and do it quickly).

I never underestimate the knowledge base of a FIVE, no matter how quiet they are. That is one of their key marks, they make quiet observations, keep to themselves, gain knowledge and solve problems.

DISCOVERY is at the core of the FIVE. They investigate for the shear pleasure of gaining knowledge. Knowing every component of a subject keeps the FIVE primarily in their left brain, the analytical portion of the psyche.

The continual investigation of knowledge keeps the FIVE in their head. If the FIVE is in a depleting environment, they can become:
– withdrawn
– loners (in an unhealthy manner)
– separated from their feelings
– dependent on their knowledge more than their gut instincts
– feel drained by too much contact or commitments

This may be the result of having no meaningful interaction or affection while they were young, or they felt controlled in some fashion. The FIVE will naturally retreat into the mind, build walls, and set boundaries. They have had to depend on themselves for meaningful interaction. Feelings of loneliness could occur, but the FIVE has adapted walls of analytical thought to keep those feelings at bay.

Being analytical brings strength to the FIVE, however, the suppression of feelings in the long term can keep them secluded in the mental realm, almost in another body…out of body!

YOU FIVES bring the light!
– ENGAGE with others, with the world
– Be in the present, resist the urge to formulate the end results
– Allow yourself to be spontaneous, this trains you to be more in touch with feelings
– Follow your gut feelings and energy at times
– Stay in your body, try not to travel to the mental realm as often

We need you present, because we need your advice! You intrigue us because you are the ones always making discoveries. The saying, “I never knew that!” always happens in my times with a FIVE.

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