Type 4 – The Individualist

FOURS are the artists of our world. They not only create ideas, but cultivate them with STYLE and BEAUTY.

The FOURS accentuate the UNIQUE tones of our culture and literally love to make the ordinary stand out.

The INDIVIDUALIST can pinpoint the beautiful aspects of anything while many of us would not notice.

FOURS help us SEE beauty in our world, both in people, creation, objects, everthing. They not only want to see it but they want to FEEL it…empathic.

This comes from a deep well of creativity, emotional sensitivity, passion, and seeing more than most individuals. They are unwilling to settle for the ordinary. Aka Michael Jackson

While many would see a beautiful painting, the FOUR sees each stroke, individual color, and the meaning behind it all. Then they pull it all together and ponder if the painting is unique enough to create TRUE BEAUTY.

FOURS want TRUE BEAUTY and MYSTERY in our world.

With such insight, it is tough for the FOUR to be around others who do not see the same intricate patterns as they. This can occur when emotional fatigue sets in…”does anyone understand them?”

It could be the FOUR was not understood by their parents or piers while they grew up. This could make them feel separated or abandoned. (Or they could have been raised in an artistic home)

As a result, the INDIVIDUALIST may rely on themselves for love, stability, and acceptance, leading to being withdrawn. They rely on their own feelings, and they are great at feeling, this makes them highly AWARE of themselves and others. Their acceptance can be based in their uniqueness.

The more unique they are, the more accepted…with a touch of mystery. FOURS won’t let much out emotionally to others because they have relied on themselves for so long. Their communication is in their art and style.

To get rid of the fatigue, you can practice:
– Trust in those that want to be there for you-realize people see your uniqueness as beautiful
– See the beauty in the ordinary:)
– Ordinary is acceptable at times, lol!
– BE PRESENT – resist thinking about the past or future too much “things will be better if…”
– Develop your positivity more and more

FOURS you help us see BEAUTY! The rest of us see it in y

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