If this post seems a little more personal, it is only because I’m a 9:)

NINES, in any situation, are known for the ability to observe others, feel the emotions involved, and bridge the gaps to create a peaceful environment.

Individuals gravitate towards the NINE because they feel NO JUDGEMENT. The Peacemakers can chill with almost anyone, and make everyone feel calm with each other. They go with their GUT instinct.

You are often the friend of many groups of friends. You know which friends can hang out with each other, and which ones that could not get along. You are good at mixing and matching:)

To the NINE our mantra is often, “If You are OK then I’m OK.”

– Great Listeners – it’s because there is no judgment involved. People can speak freely with ease to the NINE.
– Sensitive and Empathetic – you can feel what emotions are present in people and situations
– Supportive – you have the ability to make people feel STABLE
– Grounded and Even Tempered
– Able to adapt to any situation-you become the MEDIATOR
– You are good at CALMING people down
– And you don’t like arrogant people 🙂

You GENUINELY CARE about individuals, and they feel it. People open up to you, simply because they know that anything they tell you will not be used against them.

The goal of the NINE is to create true peace at any cost. They seek balance between their families, friends, partners, work place, etc. Even if it produces inner turmoil for themselves.

A NINE can get very tired when being the MEDIATOR gets overwhelming. The constant balancing act can cause a NINE to turn inward and become resentful/angry, apathetic or disconnected. They forget their true self and do not allow those feelings to come out.

It’s easy for the NINE to forget the SELF; they spend much of their time seeking balance for others and lose their personal BOUNDARIES. Conflict to a NINE is painful and creates a feeling of loss and separation. They will often merge into others to gain love and acceptance…to create balance.

The Peacemakers self-esteem often comes from helping others and being of use. This is due to having a truly shy countenance, and NINES are usually HIDDEN INTROVERTS trained to become the extrovert. They often would rather help and keep out of the lime light.

NINES have the ability to see all sides, and this can come from how they were raised. They often could have been overlooked or unimportant. Their siblings could have often created more problems for the parents and more attention was given to their sibs. To create peace they would retreat and go with the flow, keep a low profile, but it could make them feel lost. This leads to the NINE not expressing anger well, but at the same time focusing on the needs of others constantly.

It’s tough to bring peace! You NINES are what makes this world GET ALONG. Everyone would be fighting in this world if it wasn’t for you.

– Recognize your anger and begin to let it out
– Be “selfish” at times-set personal time!
– Set healthy boundaries-SAY NO…with a smile and grace
– Physical activity is a must
– Set goals and create structure
– Analyze your own needs and desires
– Don’t put everyone else’s need in front of yours.

You do not realized HOW LOVED AND IMPORTANT YOU ARE! You are the centerpiece of peace. Many times the focus comes back on you:)

You are the reason the fighting stops in our world. Truly love y’all!


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