Type 1 – The Reformer
Ones are:
– Great leaders
– Organizers – creators of order
– Great discernment – can see patterns where others can’t, and can make great judgement calls about them
– Honest and fair – love truth and justice
– Self reliant

ONES love order in themselves, in others, their jobs, and environment.

I love seeing the results of ONES in action, they make the small details in all areas of our society perfect.

“Pay attention to the details.” A gift that passes many of us by, but not the ONE.

Being highly aware of detail, patterns, etc. are compliments to the ONE, but that can show how they operate inside.

As attentive as they are to everything around them, it can point to how critical they are of themselves internally.

My concern for all my REFORMER friends and patients is that they can be very hard on themselves, overly critical. They have an INTERNAL CRITIC, that is constantly thinking and evaluating.

This over evaluation at times can lead them to find imperfections in themselves, in others, and events in life.

Imperfections never stop, and it can lead a ONE to stop seeing the fun in life. They can only have fun when tasks are complete, and when things are clean and in order.
This can lead many ONES to be:
– Workaholics
– Feeling constantly condemned or judged
– LOSE THEIR FEELINGS and needs to their true self in order to meet expectation of others.

This can lead to a life of disappointment, because their internal and external world do not meet the standard of perfection.

“Everything is okay if everything internally and externally is in perfect order.”

The idea that can run constantly in the mind is “to avoid pain, punishment, and embarrassment, I need to be perfect”.

I’m good if I’m perfect, and doing everything right makes me good.

When we have to work for love or acceptance, it only shows we aren’t cultivating self love.

Love does not “require or demand” anything, because it is LOVE. When we practice self love and allow LOVE to abound inside, we release the requirements and expectations we placed on ourselves, and just be.

When internal love is growing, our love for the external grows as well. The internal critic calms down and we start to see the beauty of the NOW.

When our internal critic is quieted down, we don’t want to point out the imperfections in ourselves or others…that’s waisted energy. That energy can be used to see the perfection in the present moment. That is heaven on earth.

ONES love yourselves! You make our world literally beautiful with detail. Have Fun!

Increase self love
-Be spontaneous without recklessness
– Schedule fun, healthy events in your weekly life
– Walk in the woods and trees, they feed you
– Remember people love you for who you are, not what you do

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