Type 7 – The Entusiast

The 7’s bring the party. Their passion is to bring people together…CONNECTIVITY.

The Enthusiast wants to live life to the fullest. Every event is a special event, and the more that can be involved, the better.

The characteristics of the 7:
– Bringing people together 
– Dream Big – great imaginations
– Extroverted-never meet a stranger
– Talented – can see the big picture
– Great Communication
– Spontaneous
– High Energy
– Highly Intelligent

SEVENS strengthen our culture. Whereas most other types could meet up once a month, the Enthusiast encourages weekly meet ups. The get energy from building stronger bonds. SEVENS are the center piece at every event, and they enjoy it. Seeing others happy is what makes them happy.

Connectivity and communication is a strength of the SEVEN, and they produce strong culture and the “family” community even among total strangers. Their passion is in UNITY. They make our lives fun! Oh how we need more fun.

Continuously being the center piece of fun can have its toll on the SEVEN. When they get tired, they can get withdrawn, and relationships (romantic and non-romantic) can be difficult. As high energy as they are, their tendency is to always be on the move and create new experiences. When a relationship or commitment comes upon them, they can feel confined or tied down. They need an excuse to be as free as they can be.

“What will this do to my freedom? Can I experience the fullness of life while committed?”

This thought process could be influenced by a childhood where nurturing and care was not carried out long enough. If they did not feel comfort or support early in life, they soon could depend on themselves for the nurturing. They may have seen their parents life and how exhausting it was. Their parents may have been unhappy, too busy or tied down with problems, which makes the child go the opposite way. “I will have to depend on my own for my happiness.” Positive outlook with a desire to fulfill their dreams is vital to a SEVEN.

SEVENS will do their best to avoid pain, especially confrontation. They want everyone to be okay and get along. They see an argument or heated discussion as breaking down. As they strengthen the SEVENS see pain as the avenue of healing.

– Practice Focus and Discipline-do one thing at a time
– Stay Present and Slow Down
– Experience the Negative Feelings or Confrontation
– Develop and Nurture relationships-stick with them and see
– Resist Day Dreaming and Cultivate Steps to your goals
– Release the fear that all pain is negative…Pains produce growth

SEVENS you UNITE THE WORLD. There is strength in numbers. You help us see the beauty in each other, and have fun while doing it!

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