Type 6 – The Loyalist

The SIX is a dependable, warm, loving, steadfast individual, who is always looking out for others, especially the UNDERDOG You will often find SIXES, rescuing animals, adopting children, or taking care of the elderly. If there is a need, a six will fill it.

A LOYALIST can spot and smell danger without even consciously knowing it. Whether it is a person, place, house, animal, event…they know if someone or something is not good energy.

If someone or something cannot defend itself, the Loyalist will step in. The SIX has a strong sense of safety and security, for themselves but even more for others. LOYALISTS have two reactions when facing or seeing a threat:
– They stay and fight even if they are afraid
– Freeze in the fear

In most cases, the SIX will stay and fight if it is for someone else, but will freeze and give into the fear if it is for themselves.

When a SIX loves, they love big, and if someone messes with their tribe, watch out. They will always see the value in someone else, which means they have a great sense of awareness.

They are very intellectual and perceiving. With this perception they easily can make a judgement call that will benefit and protect another. But when it comes to themselves, self doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and pessimism can kick in.

This may come from insecurity and doubt in themselves. Many times, a SIX has been raised in or been influenced by unpredictable environments. Nothing felt secure or stable (SIXES do not like SURPRISES!), and often they were overlooked because someone or something else was more important than them at the time.

As a result, the SIX felt unsafe and this created doubts, disbelief, and distrust. When a SIX gets tired, they often:
– See the worst in a situation-glass half empty
– Doubt their own judgement in most situations
– Distrust others intentions
– Can be cynical with suspicion, turning into anxiety
– Get Indecisive
– They heavily weigh others decisions and often get stuck in their head thinking about it

When a LOYALIST heals and finds balance they bring the LOVE. They are the ENCOURAGERS of the world. They may experience self doubt, but they never want that for you. They spend their energy pouring into others, so that no one feels insecure or doubtful.

Their actions show how important they are to our culture. Without the SIX there would be less sympathy and compassion in our world. They defend the helpless, they embody SELFLESSNESS.

SIXES don’t doubt yourselves, because the rest of us don’t. Your selflessness strengthens our faith that their is good out there!

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