Type 3 – The Achiever

The THREES give the world INSPIRATION. They are the individuals we look up to for ideas, leadership, and guidance.

The Achievers:
– Motivate
– Lead
– Very Efficient and Practical
– Have personal power, passion, and contagious energy
– Natural Performers
– Excel at most things they try-sports, business, personal life, the arts, etc.

THREES WORK HARD. They may have natural ability in what they do, but they are energized by their work ethic. Their work ethic gives them their position in life, it’s no coincidence.

Losing or coming in second to a THREE is a very hard lesson to face. Can somebody say Michael Jordan?

The ACHIEVER has the ability to draw people together, and when they speak, everyone listens. They have the magnetic GIFT to make others want to be the very best they can be. THREES can make you see parts of you that you didn’t know existed…INSPIRATION!

But what happens when their GIFT becomes a burden? What happens when fatigue and exhaustion sets in? Not so much to others, but to themselves.

Maybe, somewhere in the THREES past, upbringing, or genetic line, the thought was instilled… “You are rewarded and noticed for what you do and how well you do it.”

The idea of being loved for who you are can be foreign to a tired THREE. This not only being loved from others but from THEMSELVES.

THREES can forget the impact they have on the world when they are tired. Achievers can believe that other people love them for what they can do instead of the their essence.

The Achievers that are tired can:
– Feel controlled easily-so they try to control back
– Experience low self esteem
– Get stressed from intimate relationships-the demand is too high
– WORKAHOLIC-can lead to avoiding life giving relationships
– Can start looking only at end result instead of BEING PRESENT

To gain strength, reconnecting with your own true feelings, your true self is vital:
– STOP AND REST! – practice just being in the moment
– Failure is okay – it’s growth and a learning experience, not a detriment to your persona
– You must practice SELF CARE
– Commit to fun activities or relationship not based in achievement
– Process emotions with yourself, and with others…a community to take the mind off your achievements is good for you!


You make the rest of us want to achieve more and more. All areas of our culture could not exist without you.

Keep going and excel, and INSPIRE…but in the healthy way!

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