Type 2 – The Helper

TWOS are:
– Compassionate
– INTUITIVE – they know what others need
– Natural givers
– Always helping
– Sensitive – feel the emotions of others, almost Empathic
– Romantic

TWOS are energized with any act of service. They feel at peace when there is a room of guests, and they are the ones serving the meal. They would rather serve the meal, than sit and eat with the others.

I can definitely relate to the TWO with the line of work I am in. TWOS inspire me, because without the TWO:
– Nothing would get done
– The world would be a much meaner place

TWOS make our world KINDER, FUN, and SELFLESS. They create the energy of COMPASSION wherever they are. AKA Mother Theresa y’all.

Knowing what others need without a word being said is the gifting of the TWO. Their giving has no bounds, even at the expense of their health.

As sensitive and giving the TWO is to others, they can become desensitized to their own feelings and stop giving to themselves.

The needs of others far outweigh theirs, and doing something for themselves is “selfish.”

Guilt can settle in when a TWO takes a day to themselves, and when time is not focused on someone else.

As fatigue sets in, it can create an internal environment of resentment and anger because as much as they have given, not much love has been returned. Isolation can set in and bring loneliness.

There is a hidden thought within the TWOS psyche… “love of others depend on how much I give.” Then it leads to exhaustion because the TWO wants to control how much love they receive by doing more work. Exhaustion!

TWOS need to love themselves and GIVE themselves the permission to be cared for, to be pampered.

Give yourself:
– A day to yourself at least every month- TREAT YOURSELF to something FUN, because you are the fun ones
– Let others take you out for dinner, and if they want to pay, LET THEM DO IT!
– Get pampered where the focus is on you, quiet that voice that says you have to be doing something for everyone

And one last thought…it is important for the TWO, to have people in their lives that are not takers. You need to have a community where everyone’s energy is amplified by each other, no give/take relationships. A community where your friends see your needs as much as their own, and giving is NOT WORK!

Be mindful of you! YOU BRING OUR WORLD COMPASSION, YOU SPREAD THE LOVE, and it needs it now more than ever.

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