Here are the first/basic tips I give to my patients when learning about essential oils, and selecting a certain oil.
  1. Research: Before you select any oil, investigate the action, the production process, the source, and the emotional release associated with the oil. There are many essential oils guidebooks you can read and research. Do your homework first. I have even suggested to patients to get a food sensitivity test to make sure they aren’t using any ingredients they are sensitive to.
  2. Smell: if you love a scent it can mean the oil is beneficial and strengthening for you. If you do not like the smell, it may indicate that you may still need that oil, simply because it may be more of a detoxifying oil than a strengthener. Toxins can be metals, microbes, microbial toxins, old emotions, etc.
  3. One by One: When first using essential oils, I recommend using them one at a time, and waiting a day or two before applying or trying another oil. Combining oils at the beginning can hinder you from seeing the individual effect of each oil on your specific body type. Yes there are many combination oils, and they work great, but start slow and easy with individual oils.
  4. Minimal doses: Use the most minimal dose(1drop a day) and see if it makes a big effect. Lower drops with big strengthening effect is good. Lower drops can create big detox symptoms as well, and this is the reason you start in small doses. If you use a high amount of drops in the beginning you can create a herx/healing crisis type reaction, which can be discouraging, so start slow. Additionally, if you have to keep applying on an oil to get an effect, there may be other oil defincies or vitamins and minerals needed.
  5. Keep Searching: Each person’s body type and genetics determines how they respond to an oil, even if that oil is known for a certain positive effect. Some individuals will respond more to an oil because their body is deficient in a  certain compound of that oil. When the body has enough of a compound, the body may not experience much change and that is when another oil can be searched for. It may take a while, but you will find an oil that works for you if you keep trying.

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