• Diffuse-airborne
  • Topically-on the skin. Can be in a carrier oil or in a lotion. Can be applied to bottom of feet, wrists, neck, or area of problem.
  • Ingesting-orally/beneath the tongue

1. Find the time of your symptoms: sleep, brain fog, digestion, sweating, anxiety, depression, etc. (Check post on acupuncture meridian clock)
2. The time frame of symptoms gives you an indication of which organ and meridian is imbalanced or stressed, i.e. heart, lungs, liver, etc.
3. Check your medical and family history to see if there is a history of problems with that organ.
4. Apply the oil during the time of your symptoms or the time period 12 hours opposite of your symptoms. For example, if your symptoms occur at 3am, you can apply them at 3pm as well.
5. Oils can be applied to the bottoms of the feet, inside of wrists, back of neck, or area of symptoms.
6. Start slowly with any dosage-1 drop in diffuser, topically, or ingesting. If you feel better you can increase to two drops. If you feel detox symptoms or a healing crisis, I recommend holding off on that particular oil and sticking with the oils that strengthen you. Later you can go back and see if the detox effects of that detoxifying oil are as extreme after you have strengthened over a period of time.


Organs and Emotions Clock:

  • Lung –  Grief – 3-5am
  • Colon -Control – 5-7am
  • Stomach – Care – 7-9am
  • Spleen- Pensiveness – 9-11am
  • Heart – Love – 11-1pm
  • Small Intestine – Vulnerability – 1-3pm
  • Bladder – Stuck, Paralyzed Will – 3-5pm
  • Kidney- Fear – 5-7pm
  • Pericardium – Emotional Instability – 7-9pm 
  • Triple Warmer – Anxiety – 9-11pm
  • Gall Bladder – Resentment – 11-1am
  • Liver – Anger – 1-3am

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