The practice of positivity is directly linked with being present. What do we do every do at every present moment without even thinking about it? Breathing.

Breathing is the one of the only processes in the body that can be controlled by our autonomic (automatic) nervous system and our conscious mind.

Books such as “You Are Here” by Hanh and the “Relaxation Response” by Herbert Benson MD state that a mindful thankfulness with each breathe has showed overwhelming healing effects on the stress/anxiety centers of the brain. Positivity of patients increased dramatically just by being mindful of each breath.

The beginning practice?

  1. Be thankful for every 24 hours every morning. Not the next day or previous but TODAY.
  2. Every chance you get, close your eyes and be thankful for just your breathe! Nothing else.

Mindfulness = Breathing = Positivity = Peace

Be Here Now!

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