Key Points:

  • Exercise is needed to balance thyroid hormones, even when you are so tired you don’t feel like exercising.
  • Studies are showing that daily exercise of a minimum of 1 hour will decrease levels of TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone) and balance T3 and T4 hormone levels in hypothyroid individuals.
  •  Exercise creates Low levels of TSH plus balanced T3 and T4=Stress reduction
  • Medium-intensity, oxygen efficient(aerobic), fat burning exercise is healthy for the thyroid. Do not be fearful that it will drive your thyroid or adrenals into a lower state of function.
  • Aerobic is a heart rate of 120-1/2 your age
  • Exercise, along with a low carb/starch/sugar, healthy fat, healthy protein diet, can force the thyroid to start burning fats and proteins instead of sugars.
  • Burning more fats instead of sugars increases your metabolism, maintains healthy weight, decreases sugar craving, balances blood sugar, and reduces over all inflammation and pain. Burning fat is more efficient and lasts longer than burning sugar.
  • Many would think that all this will make the thyroid work harder, but it doesn’t. Better fat metabolism from exercise helps the body create and maintain hormones in the liver=better production of T3 and T4 hormones.

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