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Feeling Stuck? Look to the Eyes, a Window to the Soul…and Brain!
A majority of the patients in my clinic come in with emotional concerns that are driving their physical symptoms.
The body is a map, and many emotional traumas trapped in the brain can be expressed in the correlating portion of the physical body. So, emotional/mental stresses can create physical problems.
What happens when you feel stuck or when you aren’t making progress in life? You may feel that there is an emotional block that is keeping you back. Is there a way the body gives a signal when we aren’t fully aware of the trauma? Yes, THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW.
There are techniques such as EMDR and brain spotting which can allow you to find areas of the brain that contain your trauma. The eyes are a direct link to the brain.
The eyes are the first organs that develop off of the brain when you are an embryo. They share a direct link and connection to the brain. The eyes become a map of your neurology.
These techniques use slow eye movement and autonomic nervous responses, such as breathing or heart rate, to determine if trauma has been trapped in your brain. If your breathing or heart rate changes when you put your eyes in a certain position, that could present information that trauma has been trapped. Your brain records what position your eyes were in, when you experienced the trauma.
Remember, to process trauma, it starts with becoming aware of the memory. When you can locate that memory, your body will actively go and work to release it. Healing comes from awareness. If you feel stuck find a practitioner that does these types of techniques. It is a game changer.

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