Going through a chronic illness is quite tough, often a discouraging battle. Keep in mind that as long as it has taken a condition to form, it can take a while for the condition to clear. You must have faith in these times that you will get better. A mentor of mine told me this the other day.

“Faith created in the middle of a storm will usually die in the calm.”

It can be taken many ways, but for my patients and those who feel they are not getting better or they are not progressing as fast as they want, it means you have to know your body heals in the waiting periods. Your body has to detox and then heal, and it does these two steps over and over again in healing chronic conditions.

Trust that you are healing in the storm and that you will heal in the standstill moments as well. Have faith throughout all the fast and slow times. It takes practice from us all, but you will see that it will help you look at your state of health in a whole new way.

Be well,
Dr. Motley

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