Many patients come into the office fearful of their health condition, and they want to find out what they can do to reduce the fear.

In Chinese medicine fear is associated and stored within the kidneys and bladder.

When these organs are healthy and in balance, fear is processed out of the body efficiently.

Unhealthy fear is a top cause of stress. Fear causes our bodies to enter the Fight or Flight response, which drains the adrenals.

Fears are programmed in us from our genetics, environment, nutrition, and spiritual status. This programming creates our “normal” reality, and these fears become our distractions.

The fears can create road blocks in our acupuncture meridian system, especially the Kidney/Bladder energy pathway.

Try to recall if you or your family history has had chronic UTI’s, bladder infections, kidney stones, or yeast infections with an emotional lineage of fear. These all are signals of blocked kidney/bladder chi.

The health of your kidneys and bladder can determine how well you process fear. Unhealthy organs can result in high amounts of fear.

Cleansing the kidneys and bladder with water and acupressure are two of  the most efficient ways to help lessen fear. Tomorrow we will talk about the acupoints to treat.

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