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Your Brain is Fat, feed it properly with good oils and fats.

This will increase:

  • Memory
  • Cognition-thinking
  • Brain tissue
  • Overall brain and nerve health

Not all cooking oils are created the same.

Most cooking oils, including organic can sit on the shelves for 1-2 years before they make it to the stores.

According to research, most individuals do not have problems with high cholesterol because of trans-fats, but because of rancid cooking oils.

Fats that sit out for too long can oxidize and go rancid. Rancid fats can do as much damage as trans-fats.

Just to show how fast they go rancid, you can leave butter (fat) out for a few days and watch how fast it turns a deep yellow. A deep yellow shows how fast it oxidizes and goes bad.

Quality of the oils or butter make a big difference on the shelf life. High quality oil companies process their oils differently so there are no preservatives or contaminants. The cleaner the oil, the better the shelf life. Refrigerate them when possible.

Bad fats and oils can get lodged in the cells, blood vessels, and organs. They can make cell walls stiff and hard, which does not allow the nutrients to get inside to make energy.

Formic acid is the rancid portion of oils that makes them hard on the body. This acid can also cause itching in the body. Also, if bad oils are in the stomach, they can coat your food not allowing the food to be broken down properly.

Again this is not to make you doubt your oil choices or say the ones you have are not good. Just want you to be informed of clean oils you can cook with to give you optimum properties.

Find the type of oils best for you.

Feed your brain!

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