Filtering Emotions:
Are they yours or someone else’s?

BE STILL: The first step is to learn to be still, whether standing, sitting, or lying down. You can do this anytime of day. I prefer right when I wake up lying in bed, and when I lie down before I go to sleep. TRAIN yourself to be still for at least 10 minutes.

STOMACH BREATHING: Breathe through your stomach and diaphragm, while lightly placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

FEEL THE LOCATION: Recall trauma, pain, or bad memories you are presently trying to process and heal. Feel the location where any energy, pressure, or nerve sensations flow to in your body. This may be where you have stored the trauma or memory. These are YOUR memories.

STORAGE AREAS: The places where you feel sensations are programmed “storage” areas for trauma or painful memories. Allow the energy to sit in this location and process while you are still. You do not have to do anything but let the energy flow through this area. Over time, will eventually feel a release of the blockage.

GET ACCUSTOMED: As you process your trauma, get accustomed to the way you feel YOUR energy flow to the chronic areas. This is the neurological and energetic pathways that your body uses to process the problems. It is YOUR energy.

CREATING FREE SPACE: Processing your trauma and memories will open up more bandwidth and memory space in your body. This gives you the capacity to handle more stresses throughout your day and stay at ease. It also increases your emotional filters to separate your feelings from someone else.

If another persons emotions start to hit you, it will not “feel” like yours. If it doesn’t follow the same energetic and neurological patterns you are used to, then you know it’s probably NOT yours.

Dismiss the incoming energy, walk through it, and make a present decision to not hold on to any of it.
Avoid people or situations that chronically try to grab and hold on to you.

Learn to filter. Once we all learn to process our own pain, we then start to have more capacity to help others. And if they are the individuals that vibe with us.
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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