Centering in Chinese Medicine refers to the practice of pulling in your focus and Qi to the center of your being. When we get distracted by high stress, heavy work, and intense adrenaline-rush activities, it PULLS us away or “distracts” us from being present.

We then attempt to counter our intense distractions by incorporating intense “comforts”. These comforts can be: excess sugar, excess alcohol, staying up too late, eating unhealthy foods, FOMO, etc. This is our natural instinct to adapt to our heavy stress by creating a dopamine rush with excess “rewards”. When we pay attention to ourselves, finding out what really feeds the mind, brain, and body, we then discover what really pulls us away from our center.

The further we are from our center, the MORE energy we spend. In the Yin/Yang model, high intense activities(Yang) must be met with abundant restoration(Yin); this can use excess energy if we aren’t careful. If we can practice centering, we will filter out the EXCESS distractions, and only put our energy to what keeps us near our center. This allows us to conserve our energy and direct it to our innate vitality. You will actually be healthier without having to go to the extremes.

You will notice you are less fatigued, more energy, and better emotional filters.

Focusing on yourself is not a selfish practice if done in the right way. Try these 3 steps, because the energy you save will be be placed into keeping you balanced, this is where PEACE is felt.

3 things to do daily:
1. Breathe through your stomach.
2. Ask yourself throughout the day, “Where are my feet” (Thanks Mary for this advice!), they are right under you…here in the present.
3. Schedule equal amount of time for rest and restoration to your work life. Practice this in your daily planner till it becomes a habit.
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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