Forms of CBD

by | Jul 19, 2018 | CBD, Excelify

There are different forms of CBD and there are different ways to get the benefits. The main ways are through drops, skin creams, and possible vaping with CBD (which I have not heavily researched).

Using drops, tinctures and oils are a very quick way to get the CBD into your bloodstream. Even more important, liquids are the quickest way to get any medicine into the brain because of the blood brain barrier – which is for our protection. Liquids absorb faster and more easily into the digestive track. Chronic cases such as neurological disorders or lyme disease see benefits because of the quick absorption into the brain tissue from the liquid form. My general rule for any supplementation is that liquids are best for the brain.

Topical creams are showing to be very beneficial when applying CBD. The skin is one of the quickest ways to absorb any medicine or nutrient. It is stated that it only takes 20 to 30 seconds for a nutrient to be absorbed when applying to the skin. When conditions are very deep within the tissue, such as toxins, chronic joint arthritis or infections, using an ointment is a very effective way to get to those areas. Sometimes it is difficult for the liquid to jump out of the bloodstream and work its way through the tissue. That is when a cream is highly recommended.

Many individuals with chronic cases have expressed high praise for using both liquids and creams at the same time. Again I have not researched the avenue of vaping CBD, BUT the two forms I have seen do great work for those in pain!

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