Wanna hear a joke about ghosts?
Yes? …That’s the Spirit (insert LOL’s)

Tried to make you laugh😳

I know we talked about fun in a previous post. But I can’t stress it enough…schedule fun into your life!

We can block the fun in our lives, because of the daily routine, chronic sickness, health concerns, family drama and work tension.
These are components that can change the way we VIEW life. A life without fun…to that I say NO. Bring on the FUN!

All the choices in your life, relationships, behaviors, and the reality you create are based on perception.

The thoughts and feelings you have about being light hearted or fun are based in old memories. When short term thoughts and feelings are compounded over a period of time, they become an attitude. If you tie all the attitudes together, you form a belief. And since they are tied together, the attitudes become longer states of BEING. This state of being can program into our subconscious and eventually create a perception of reality. A reality without fun.

When activities of fun are consistent in our lives, we start to create a reality where the inner child comes out. The unconditioned self can finally come out to play. This is where awareness of who you are, the value you hold, and your connection to God gets stronger.

All from penciling in some fun!

Get it!
Photo and Style by @lindsayblaze

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