Are You Gaining Weight? It’s Perfectly Okay, Here May Be the Reason Why
Weight gain has been the subject of many conversations and messages I have had in the last few weeks. Weight gain has been affecting so many people during isolation, and they don’t know why. If your diet has changed very little, still able to take a walk, stay connected through video and phone calls, why the change in weight?
Here are a few explanations. And these explanations are here to let you know that it is okay. YOU ARE IN PROTECTION MODE!
Your body was designed to store energy reserves in the form of fat cells, especially during times of trauma, crisis, and overwhelming stress. It’s nature’s way of keeping you safe.
Encountering stressful times, such as isolation, travel being slowed down, seeing bad news on media, and feeling the emotions of the world, creates a stress response in your body. The response creates high amounts of hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline from your adrenal glands. Cortisol is used to mobilize stored sugar from your liver(and sometimes muscles) to provide quick energy to your body to handle the stress.
A couple things can happen:
Constant high cortisol levels can lead to adrenal burnout. This means you produce less cortisol overall, and then you will crave sugar because you need quick energy. Excess sugar in the blood is turned to triglycerides and fat. If you crave or eat a little more sugar than normal this may be the reason why.
Any time an organ or gland is overstressed the body will do all it can to keep the organ healthy. In the case of the adrenal gland, your body may pack on extra fat cells around the adrenal glands to provide extra nutrients in times of stress or SCARCITY. This is the proverbial term “tire around the waist” or “gut”. It’s all from cortisol imbalance creating more fat cells around the mid-section.
Nature uses this process to keep you safe in times like these. God gives your body an incredible innate intelligence. Most of the foods gathered in ancient times were determined by the season they were grown in. Berries and fruits consumed during the summer provided energy for summer work. Fruits eaten late in the summer/early fall gave the body extra sugar to store as fat for the winter months. The body could feed off the fat when foods weren’t as plentiful during the winter.
Your body does the same in these stressful times. We store for the stressful season. It’s okay if you have gained a bit of weight. Just know that a new season will come, and the stress can lift. Your body will know this and start to use the extra fat as fuel…guys a new season is upon us!

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