GEMINI – The Twins May 21 – June 20

Gemini, The Twins

Gemini, when you enter the room, I think Energetic Intelligence. You have the empathic ability to read a room, understand the dynamics of each person/conversation, and relate in a way that almost seems “mind reader.” It seems as if you know how a person thinks, and what they are going to say before they say it. It’s borderline scary:) You know what a person wants to hear and feel. This makes you relatable to everyone; you can shift your personality depending on the mood of any environment.

You never meet a stranger, because of the way you “match” frequency in conversation. This does not mean you are “two-faced”, on the contrary, honesty is very important to you. The Gemini individual has been blessed with the capability to honestly see a person for who they are…a good friend, a true-hearted individual, an agenda seeker, a back-stabber, etc. This type of insight is God-given, because it allows Gemini to see all the small details of a person, environment, or situation and have a FULL SIZED internal/external view. Simply, you are just super INTELLIGENT.


It is in Gemini’s nature to be helping, giving, and generous. Whether it is at home, work, or socially, this sign will do what it can to make everyone feel accepted and loved. That is how the chameleon-type ability is used to spread joy and energy. Gemini can be the friend in a hard situation, the life of a party, or the calm companion at tea-time. They are deep emotional persons, who enjoy feeding into the life of others.

Reading a situation, feeling others, and giving energy all day takes an energetically-detailed individual. It is a welcomed challenge for Gemini to know the deal about a person or situation; it comes naturally…they want to know the inner workings so a clear, detailed picture is in mind. Gemini’s are perfectionists at heart. They are motivated with high energy to create life, work, friendships of beauty, order, and passion. They can manifest their thoughts into reality.

As Gemini adapts in life to help spread energy and kindness, steps need to be taken to reduce the change of burn out.

– Honesty is important to you…make it a point to be honest and up front with anyone you have issues with. Talk directly to them, and put it all out in the open.
– As well as you adapt, keep a check on how much you try to meet the needs of others, i.e. conserve energy. 
– Allow your true self to always be at open in any situation as you adapt. You create energy!
– Nurture you inner child with books, movies, art, music, etc. You are a deep emotional well, it needs to be filled.
– Allow new ideas and ventures to flow, don’t get stagnant. But allow time in your life to keep fun energy flowing in you.

The Twins – Castor and Pollux, also known as Apollo and Hercules…you unify with your ability to adapt! Your constellation talks about the redeeming qualities you have to bring everyone together. Seeing the needs of others and meeting them brings you joy.
The 3 decans of your zodiac:
– Lepus – The Enemy: You can sniff out a bad person in an instant. You do this for yourself, but especially for your friends 🙂
– Canis Major – The Prince: You are a natural leader, and people love you.
– Canis Minor – Sacrifice and servitude is central to your being. Kindness always wins in your life.

Our world needs more unity and kindness, and Gemini brings it! Smile if you are Gemini, you deserve it!!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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