REVIEW: Genes code for enzymes – DNA make enzymes – enzymes break down brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) – recycle -balance

Anxiety attacks are probably one of the scariest things a person can go through:

  • Tingling arms and limbs
  • Hot flashes all over the body
  • Numbness and tingling in the head
  • Vision problems
  • Ringing ears
  • These are a few of the symptoms. And with all of these, it can make someone think they are literally dying. 
  • Watch out for emotional and stress triggers.

We are going to discuss why the body perpetuates the anxiety. Your genes have so much to do with it. Once the trigger takes place, your body has the tendency to keep any cycle going once it begins. The reason being we have not given the body the nutrition to keep these “bad” genes from expressing themselves.

When you are young, the body has a greater ability to absorb nutrients from even the most nutrient deficient sources, simply because you have more mitochondria working for you. As you get older, that can decline. Most individuals see changes starting in late 20’s to their early 30’s. We will discuss tomorrow what nutrients can keep anxiety from developing or expressing genetically.

Please know that you have to research these genes out, get genetic tests and see what mutations you have. I will post more on that in just a few.

So we want to look at a few brain chemicals that can truly create anxiety.

  • Serotonin – in high amounts can create anxiety
  • Dopamine – high levels can create agitation, twitches and Tourette’s type symptoms
  • Adrenaline – in excess can create a very aggressive, agitated mood that can lead to anxiety

The 3 main genes you want to look at for anxiety:

  1. 1. MAO-A : is the enzyme that breaks down serotonin and dopamine.
  2. 2. MAO-B : is the enzyme that breaks down dopamine primarily, but also has a small input in the breakdown of serotonin.
  3. 3. COMT : is the gene that codes for the enzyme to break down adrenaline properly.

You need these genes to code properly to break down the brain chemicals so you stay IN BALANCE. If your parents had anxiety, they can pass those traits down to you. If a parent or ancestor, had a life of stress and overproduced brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) during their life, they can program that stress response in their DNA. That stress response can pass to you as well 😳.

There is good news, proper nutrition can help break down the brain chemicals. Good supplementation and diet pick up the burden where the genes slacked.

Let’s get balanced!

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