Genetically Modified and Pesticides

Genetically altered foods have been placed in our agricultural system for a few decades. The goal was to multiply the amount of grain produced from one single shaft of wheat. Its intention at one time by the geneticist was to feed as many hungry people in the world as possible. It continued on from grain crops to almost every crop you can imagine. The outcome is fruits, grains, vegetables, etc. that are bigger, juicier, and eye appealing. The main goal now is higher amounts of yield at lower costs.

The affect of GMO on the gut is pretty cut and dry. Research has been showing that genetically altered foods also genetically challenge us. When we consume foods that are not “normal” our bodies genetically do not know how to break them down. We have to make changes to the enzymes we produce and gut flora balance to handle the digestion of these “foods”. This has been shown to actually alter the cells of the lining in our digestive tract. It has been stated that the genetically modified products can actually integrate with the DNA of our digestive system changing the function of the gut.

Pesticides are harmful simply because of the chemical and metal content. Chemicals and metals bind to our cells receptor sites. Think of receptor sites as key slots on the cell wall; chemicals and metals block and bind to the key slots, which prevent enzymes from attaching into the slot. Enzymes are vital to turn on the metabolic processes within the cell when they attach to the receptor site.

Metabolic processes are the absorption of nutrients, breakdown of nutrients, and release of waste within each cell. Pesticides do the same action on our cells that it would on an insect, it just doesn’t affect us as quickly since we have so many more cells than the insect.

Basically pesticides alter and harm the daily life processes of our cells. Since the gut and lungs are usually the first in contact with pesticides, they are the first to suffer the consequences, Leaky Gut and Leaky Lung.

Both GMO and pesticides can be readily absorbed and excreted with the use of fulvic ionic minerals and humic minerals. I have seen many patients gut flora and stomachs heal quickly with the use of these minerals. I like Mother Earth Labs and Restore. They are good brands but you can research and find out if there are other brands out there to investigate.

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