Grief in itself is not bad, it is one of the ways that the body deals with overwhelming loss.

Grief and sadness are not the same thing.

The pain of grief is when you lose someone or something and believe you will never get it back.

I think one of the biggest emotional forces in our world is grief. Loss of someone or something special to you makes your body, your heart, and your spirit fight and try to find a way to get it back. This can be an unhealthy aspect of grief. In those relationships and attachments did we give too much? Was the attachment that was lost an unhealthy one? Sometimes we grieve and worry…even if that thing we were attached to was not bringing us life.

When we have an unhealthy attachment, we can spend our time, energy, love, and efforts to make someone “happy”. We look too far down the road to enjoy the present. We are not being in the now. Living in the dread of the future forms unhealthy expectations and assumptions in our bodies.

But don’t fret, this grief that has formed can bring help to us. Understanding and identifying any unhealthy expectation or assumption within any relationship is so beneficial. It shows us the expectations we placed on ourselves, the agreements or the promises we placed within our bodies; the programs that run our reality.
We got a change in shape the expectations in our lives. We need to be around others that have the same expectations as us. This keeps us from forming unhealthy attachments. When we live life with the same expectations as others we can amplify and strengthen each other. There is no fear of the future, because we all live in the now and joy can arise.

  1. Release unhealthy attachments
  2. Identify and understand your own expectations and agreements placed in your programming
  3. Find others that can amplify your signal and you can amplify theirs

Grief can heal! Amplify guys!

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