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Grief is a natural part of healing.

Many times I have patients who grieve, break down, and cry…and almost feel embarrassed or ashamed of it.

They’ll say, “I need to be strong or I’m sorry I know I need to be stronger than this.”

Most of the time, they are thinking of others. They themselves are trying to heal, but at the same time they wonder how they are effecting those around them.

Can I say that tears and grieving produce strength. When you break down it opens up the path for a stronger you.

Here’s why: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotions and acupuncture meridian points run heavily through our fascia system.

Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds muscles, organs, bones, and even the brain. It is a natural conductor of electricity, because it is highly composed of water.

Electrical signals run constantly through this tissue; it is a COMMUNICATION system within the body and between the organs.

When we stuff emotions, it can harden the fascia. The fascia around the organs then become hardened creating organ and body fatigue. This can keep the body from processing out emotions, grief, or trauma.

The organ most associated for processing our grief is the lungs and colon.

When we keep grief inside, we fill the organs to capacity and harden the fascia.

This may result in the inability to process anymore grief simply because we are filled to the brim.

The crying and breaking down is a natural way your body “empties out” to create more room. It loosens up the fascia!

There is no shame when this happens. More space in your body allows more emotions to flow through. This allows the organic or VISCERAL response in your brain to become more AWARE of the grief.

As you become more aware of the emotion, your body learns how to RESPOND instead of REACT. It turns the grief from fear to strength. You will start to see how the trauma, pain, healing, etc. positively effects your life.

We are hard wired for negativity, which I will talk about this week, but we can switch that around.

Your grief can produce strength. Don’t run from it. Let it flow through…crying is fully accepted.

Create more space for strength and take some hope in this today: “Those who sow their tears as seeds will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee.” 🦋
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