Growth vs. “Fight or Flight”
Stress can Keep You from GROWING

Your cells were designed to grow. From the point of conception, cell biology is geared to run thousands of processes to replicate, strengthen, and sustain life. There are electrical and magnetic patterns which direct the growth of cells in a particular fashion to create the human frame. As you grow, your body uses the energy it contains to efficiently create balance within each system.

What happens when you get sick or fight a chronic condition? What takes place with your cellular energy as you face an uphill battle of any type? Your cells have to perform heavy work as they fight off any infection, trauma, or stress. However this all leads to REBUILDING.

Cell biologists say that our cells, immune system, and bodies get stronger when stress is placed upon it. The harder the challenge the more our cells grow.

Researchers say there are factors that kickstart the rebuild during sick times:
– Perception-how you view your stress, is it good stress(EUSTRESS) or bad stress(DISTRESS)?
– Filters-Can you see a clear picture of what is good or bad in your life?
– Minerals-Fulvic/Humic elements…we are made from the ground, we need minerals to help our cells grow.

When the mind sees a sickness for what it is, it begins directing the body to create a plan to work through the problem. Understanding of any health problem gives your body PERMISSION to create a resolution. Resolutions help release fear, because a path has been set. This can allow your cells to come out of the “Fight or Flight” state, free up energy, and stop feeding fear and worry.

With ease and relaxation, the body has more capability to absorb more nutrients through better digestion, reach deeper healing sleep, and absorb more oxygen by the fuller expansion of the lungs.

This is all benefits of the body coming out of adrenal and thyroid overload, i.e. burnout. Take a survey of the major stresses of your life. Ask yourself the simple question, “Does this help me grow?” Be honest with yourself.

This week we will discuss the results of bad stress and good stress on the body.
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