Through it all, allow yourself fo HAVE FUN!

Fun is serious business! You should make fun activities a weekly priority. This develops the pre frontal cortex of your brain, which deals primarily with your emotional stability and response mechanisms of the adrenal glands. Fun activities keep you from going into fight or flightstress response.

According to a recent article in Psycology Today, researchers at Cambridge and Boston College state that fun is a care-free activity that focuses on the “means” and not the “ends”. Basically you should have joy in the present moments without thinking too hard on the end result.

Fun deprivation has been linked to:
– Creative blocks
– Impulse control problems
– Obesity
– Criminal activity
– Social skill problems

And, it’s imperative that fun be correlated with free play with other individuals or PETS!

Non-social interaction like a video or computer app does not benefit as much according to research.

Pets according to research are great social interactive partners.

Your pets bring the FUN! Let them remind you what life should be like by living in the present.
Great Coffee or Tea
Great Clean Food
Work Smart
Frequent Weekend Getaways
Play with the Pets
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