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It’s a Natural Stress Release and Detox Pathway.
During times of grief, sadness, or loss, we can find ourselves unexpectedly crying or grieving. Grief can be the loss of a person, relationship, job, pet, heartfelt relationship… and never expect to get it back. We may feel that we won’t experience something like that again. This can create a fear that tags itself to the grief. We must grieve to release stress and pain.
Psychologists say that grieving is vital to our healing. However, having fear as a companion to it can be detrimental.
When stress levels are high, our cortisol levels rise as well. As our fear centers are continuously triggered through a difficult season, it can train our bodies to automatically react to any situation with high cortisol and fear. This can create a constant fight or flight syndrome in the body.
To help reduce the cortisol and relieve pressure, grieving is nature’s way of healing. And that grieving can come in the form of crying.
Crying during grief has shown to release toxins, hormones, and bad chemicals. Your body may need to cry at random times to heal and detoxify. Don’t hold it back!
Grieving in a healthy way is to be aware of yourself in any form of loss. Identifying any unfounded fear attached to your grief, and then letting that fear go (fear that you will never get back something you have lost). If we practice trust, we can see that God opens doors into our lives to bring healing at every levels. Healing comes in stages and can take time.
I’m thinking of you all in this time of grief. My prayers are with this world.
Something I have always kept close: the sun is always chining above the clouds.
Love to you all today, dear friends.

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