There are many of you out there that have had trouble sleeping during these last few weeks. Can isolation and quarantine create insomnia? The stress levels created during this time can lead to sleepless nights. So don’t worry, when the isolation lifts you should find your sleep getting better and better.
The Mechanism:
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is an energy clock that shows you which parts of the body are energized the most during specific hours of the day. This time of energizing is meant to heal and repair certain organs to get you ready for the next day. The organs are also meant to help process out certain emotions so they don’t stay stuck.
Here’s the clock: Emotions Felt:
5-7am Large Intestine Being Stuck or Defensive
7-9am Stomach Disgust or Despair
9-11am Spleen Low Self Esteem
11-1pm Heart Extreme Joy or Sadness
1-3pm Small Intestine Abandonment
3-5pm Bladder Timid or Aggravated
5-7pm Kidney Fear or Terror
7-9pm Circulation-Blood Circulation Difficulty expressing emotions
9-11pm Triple Heater/ Paranoia or anxious feelings
Thyroid, Adrenals, Reproductive
11-1am Gallbladder Resentment
1-3am Liver Anger, Rage, Frustration
3-5am Lung Grief and Sadness
As you can see, the organs that are repairing during your sleep are busy processing certain emotions. If any of the emotions listed during sleep time are produced from the isolation, you will wake up or not fall asleep. You may find yourself waking up at the same time every night. The good thing is, the organ and emotion you find shows deeper emotions that have been hidden. The stuck emotions are brought to the surface because of the stress of isolation.
The isolation reminds your nervous system of stuck emotions you haven’t processed in the past. For instance, if you have old resentments…the resentment you may have by being in isolation just triggers the old resentment.
Find which emotion you may not fully have processed from the past. This is found by seeing which time your sleep is disturbed. Go deep inside and meditate, pray, and seek what is the original event. Once you find it, your body will start processing it, and you will find you sleep may go back to normal!

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