Your body needs peace and rest.

Your organs process emotions all day.

Each organ processes specific emotions (refer to the chart on our time line).

Three hours out of every day, the organs are using more energy than the rest of the other organs to heal and repair.

When an organ is healthy and balanced, it will process the emotions efficiently that are connected with it. For example, love processes within the heart from 11am-1pm.

If an organ is not balanced or there is too much of an emotion for that organ to handle,  it can create problems and symptoms within the organ.

You then can experience physical symptoms associated with the function of the organ.

Also, you can experience a heightened and increased amount of emotion connected with the organ. The organ is backed up and cannot process out the emotion.

Sleep is a great indicator of emotional processing.

Check out:

  • Certain times you wake up at night
  • The organ and time 24 hours opposite can create sleep problems. For example-Gallbladder is 11pm-1am, if you wake up during that time it could be the gallbladder or it could be the heart 11am-1pm. This occurs within acupuncture many times, called the Ko cycle.
  • Recall any history or family history of any organ dysfunctions and see if they match your organ time clock.

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