Do you feel held back by someone, something, or past trauma?
To let go of excess “weight” that holds us down, psychology states it is important to identify certain portions of your psyche that are trained to hold that weight. Which we will discuss more in future posts.
When anything that holds you back has been present for long periods of time, the brain and body get accustomed or adapted to the weight. We may consciously know that we are held back, but the body get accustomed to the bio-chemical “state” of the weight.
It then becomes uncomfortable to let go or release because then we have to shift our biochemistry. And according to clinical experience in research that can take months or even years to shift your chemistry. But there are steps that have been shown to help increase your ability to let go of those things that hold you back by using the fascial system.
You have got to keep moving. Literally. Fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every part of our body, stores memory, transmits electrical signals, and connects even into the deep part of our cells through small wires. If you and I are acclimated to being held down, we need to change the biochemistry of our bodies to encourage it to agree with our brain. What’s one of the easiest ways to shift chemistry quicker??? Movement and flow.
Daily walks or movements with mindful intention of what your ideal day or vision without the weight…can change your biochemistry.
We want the body and brain to agree. Yes our brains believe and want change, and we create movement to train our bodies. Then it starts to work in reverse. As our bodies move, we are psychologically changing our biochemistry to move forward! And when days come that we feel stuck in the brain, we use the movement of the body to remind the brain to keep the course. Move your fascia! Next week we will discuss myofascial therapy!

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