Hiatal Hernia – Caring Too Much and Being Over Concerned!

Many patients come in everyday with hiatal hernia, and don’t even realize it. There symptoms can include:

  1. Belching
  2. Gas and pressure under the ribs
  3. Chronic indigestion and heartburn
  4. Food that gets stuck in the throat or in the esophagus
  5. A tight feeling in the chest every time you eat

Your esophagus passes food down into the stomach through an opening in your diaphragm muscle right under the rib cage. It’s the muscle that separates the lungs and heart from the digestive system.

A hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach works it’s way in reverse up through the opening of the diaphragm. So now you have the esophagus tube and a portion or your stomach “stuck” in the opening. It is comparable to a clogged drain. Food can eventually back up the tube.

Hiatal hernia are commonly caused by:

  2. Weakened diaphragm muscle from chronic lung or bronchial infections
  3. Stomach infections (viral or bacterial)

In Chinese medicine, the stomach is often associated with pensiveness, being over concern for everyone, over sympathetic towards everyone, caring too much for everything.

If your life is full of caring for everything and responsibility this could lead to stomach weakness and hiatal hernia symptoms.

If you have these type symptoms, try and find out what is stressing you out. What makes you over concerned? This can definitely help heal the hiatal hernia.

Acupuncture point to check and treat to alleviate symptoms. (On the story)

Stomach 7 point is on the angle of the jaw, right at the angle. Massage if tender for 30 seconds a day.

Massage point right below the sternum 30 seconds, 2 times a day.

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