After doing the posts on EMDR and Brainspotting (which I love both), I had different questions about certain individuals having difficulty processing to completion because of excess fight or flight symptoms.
Being in a neurological mode of fight or flight is a defense mechanism to either fight or run from a trauma or stress.
When the brain adapts to a trauma or stress, it categorizes and stores that stress in certain parts of the brain. This keeps the brain from overloading or thinking about that trauma over and over. If you did continuously think, your conscious mind could collapse under the intense pressure.
Adaptation to a stress can lead to physical symptomatology which means your physical function decreases. This means that your motion, movement, and coordination can suffer from a trauma or bad memory.
The more trauma hardwire is laid in the brain, the more pressure these wires can effect your function wiring. This trauma wiring can ALSO store high levels of fight or flight signals if left unprocessed.
In neurology, observing and testing functional movements are indications of pathways that can carry trauma or flight or flight signals. The decrease in normal movements are just alert signals that trauma, fight or flight signals are stored and unprocessed in the brain.
At times, if a patient gets to a certain stall point with EMDR or Brainspotting I refer them to my good friend Dr. Melissa Wenrich who is a chiropractic neurology specialist to examen even further functional discrepancies that can hinder trauma healing.
If the body has stored fight or flight memories deep within the brain, it can adapt heavily….to the point where one of the best ways to access it is through functional healing. We can forget our trauma, but our bodies never forget. This is why functional assessment can clear fight or flight response is to allow fuller and more complete traumatic healing.
We often live in the world of fight or flight, which can lead to living in the left side of our brains. Many individuals do not know how to relax or get inside their body. This type of pattern can lead to the creation of functional blocks within our brains. Too much work and stress leads to chronic fight or flight.
Whe this happens, the body has difficult processing emotions. Fight or flight blocks can hinder emotional clearing. Brain techniques such as EMDR and emotional clearing techniques are harder to perform if the body is constantly under bad stress.

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