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Peace of mind heals the body.

One way to reprogram the subconscious and create holosync is by placing your brain into the Theta Frequency range.

This range of sound is the frequency your brain resonates with when you pray or meditate. In certain prayer and meditation techniques, they say theta frequency is achieved when you can literally see a VIOLET color in your mind.

The sound of theta frequency 6-10 Hz matches the wavelength of violet light. The theta range is where our subconscious lies.
Which means when you pray or meditate and get your left and right brain to connect, you could start to see a violet light. This shows you are entering the subconscious realm and holosync. You literally have the ability to connect your conscious with the subconscious Mind.

What we are trying to achieve is clear communication between the True Self and your pain, trauma, and injuries.

Remember, the brain just needs to be REMINDED of the injury to go and repair the injury or trauma. Recognition is key! That’s how the brain works. You have power to heal, you just need to have clear communication.
Researchers say that you don’t have to try and think a certain conscious thought while in theta frequency. They say it is important to visit the trauma and stay there till you FEEL you need to move on.

The constant recognition from daily prayer and meditation (seeking the subconscious triggers) allows the brain to unravel the trauma within your physical and emotional body. As you unravel trauma, your brain creates new neural pathways. The brain and mind will start working hand in hand.

The cleaner the subconscious, the better the connection to God/Divine.

When you “stay” in the trauma, and stop trying to influence how YOU CAN HEAL the trauma, you allow the connection of God to your MIND to process the stress and heal. You don’t have to DO anything or spend any energy, but allow healing to flow through.
The MIND always chooses efficiency when unraveling programming. It wants to conserve and build the most energy for the body, but at the same time let go of excess emotional baggage.

How do we allow the MIND and God to freely communicate to bring holosync? Simply by the PRACTICE of SURRENDER.
SURRENDER is a popular theme in our culture, but the actual practice of surrender is something that needs to be REPEATED.
– Set time for prayer or meditation daily
– Be still – this keeps your brain from receiving distracting input
– Attempt to feel where the pain, anxiety, or trauma is in the body
– Try to feel and see where actual location is
– Let your MIND and brain focus on that area of injury

Surrender leads to healthy detachment. We detach from the trauma and pain, and realize that it IS not us. We just need to sit and walk through it.

As we daily remind ourselves, WITHOUT SELF JUDGEMENT, that we are not our trauma we stop forcing nerve signals through the traumatic neuronal networks. These networks eventually die off and new networks/programs are created to fire nerve impulses of new information.

New Information = New Beginnings

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