Have you ever felt a change in your mood, like depression, anxiousness, tension, or brain fog? I have and many of my patients express the same experiences.

What is the mechanism of brain fog, mental slowness, decreased memory, and mood changes when it deals with digestion? It can be directly related to leaky gut and the stress on the Blood Brain Barrier.

There are filters in our bodies, and these filters clean our blood, just like an oil filter cleans the oil in your car. Some of the main filters are:
– The spleen – processes worry
– The liver – processes anger and frustration
– The Blood Brain Barrier(BBB)-trauma recall

If leaky gut is present, then more toxins, allergens, and infections can slip into the bloodstream. Eventually it places greater strain on all these filters. I want to focus on mental mood.

When toxins or particles get to the BBB, they get stuck in the filter, because that is the filters job. The body then will bring in the immune system and inflammation molecules to fight off intruders. If the intruders stay too long trapped in the filter/barrier, it can “burn” a hole within the barrier. This allows infections and harmful toxins to contact the nerves, brain, and areas throughout the cranium, which is known as leaky brain. The results are the brain and mental conditions mentioned above.

One simple step I incorporate and ask my patients to do is make a mental note of what was eaten in the last two meals prior. Write the foods and INGREDIENTS down. Eat the same meal again, but take away one of the food sources or ingredients. If you have no mood change or brain fog you FOUND the offending food source.

If you still have brain issues, then eliminate another food source. The process of elimination! Keep taking away a food source till you see a change in your mood and brain function. You can add food back in that didn’t create a problem; you become your own allergy test:) Eliminating foods and eating foods that strengthen the brain is vital. Eventually what you eat becomes your brain neurotransmitters and hormones. What you eat, you think.
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