We discussed how proteins are made from a combination of amino acids. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of all the structures in our bodies-cells, organs, tendons, muscles, fascia, etc.
All of our enzymes are proteins.

An enzymes particular function or job is determined by its shape and structure. What creates the shape or structure is a series of electrical points along the protein strand of different charges, like positive and negative. These points act as small magnets that can connect to other electrical points or repel them. Remember when dealing with magnetic forces, negative charges attract positive charges, and same charges repel each other. This is how your enzymes form their shape. The points along the strands will interconnect or push each other away, but it is this magnetic interplay that gives functionality to the enzymes.

Enzymes speed up or help certain processes move more efficiently. The shape of the enzyme determines what vitamins, minerals, molecules, etc. that it attaches to. Think of enzymes like a key slot, only a certain key will fit into the lock because of the particular shape within the lock itself.

If the enzyme is warped or misshaped it will not attach to the particular vitamin or mineral that was meant for. The attachment of the nutrient is what “turns” the key, and this opens the door for the nutrient to get into the cell. The movement of a nutrient within the cell, will speed up a certain process within the cell, whether it is detoxification, methylation, repair, etc.

What creates a misshaped enzyme? Misshaped enzymes are called variants or gene mutations. Variants are created through the environment stresses we place the DNA through. These stresses include emotions, toxins, diet, nutrient deficiencies, electrical radiation, etc.

One of the main ways I see how gene variants can be avoided or turned off is through particular diet for your particular body type. We will discuss the main health concerns for each type next post and give simple nutrition tips to keep your enzymes healthy.

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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