There are many genetic companies out there to use. Choose the one you like best, because I know there are many out there that do outstanding testing. I only recommend ones that I have used. Here is a short and sweet way to find so much info about yourself, especially depression and anxiety.

List of companies:

Research each company and see which one you like best. I will say there is some controversy with and because they apparently sell your information to third party companies, like pharmaceutical companies. I will talk about that tomorrow. But if you don’t want your info sold in any way then look into You can even call the companies and ask them their policy for the security of your info. Also, 23andme does not test for as many genes as they once did, ancestryDNA gives more genetic info. Some genetic doctors I know state that you get more for your money with ancestryDNA. It’s up to you:) I get no kickback from any of these companies, I have seen reports from all of them and they all do a good job.


  1. Get the saliva test from any one of the companies. Send it off and can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get your results.
  2. They send you a report. And they also send the RAW DATA. That is what you want, the RAW DATA. 
  3. Take RAW DATA and plug them into genetic programs on the net. Follow the prompts on the websites.
Such as:
Some of these programs are free or ask for donations. The info is invaluable and they usually don’t cost much if they have a fee. 

4. Once you paste your RAW DATA into the program, just click and the report is ready in minutes.

5. Most of the companies will have additional info along with your report to tell you what genetic variants/mutations you have. But they all will tell you the dominant or recessive traits. 

Take your info and see what it says about MAO-A, MAO-B, COMT, IOD, MMAB. You are at the start of finding out about anxiety and depression in your life. The websites have so much more info on these genes as well! Get to know you!

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