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Iodine is a primary component of thyroid health. Low iodine levels weakens the thyroid. The first step is to remove anything that could prevent the thyroid from absorbing iodine. Chlorine, fluoride, and bromine can displace iodine.

In biochemistry, chlorine and fluorine are in the same family (periodic column) as iodine. When an element is in the same family, it can easily displace and replace a relative. It has to do with covalent bonding in electrons between elements, okay chemistry nerd alert…haha. Chlorine, fluorine, and bromine can “bump” and pull out iodine within the thyroid. This leads to low thyroid function and dropped levels of T3 and T4 production.

It may seem very picky to talk about water and flour, but we are really discussing the idea of accumulation. I have seen these things often affect a persons thyroid within the office. The DAILY CONTACT and build up of these elements over years in our bodies from drinking/bathing in tap water and consuming bleached flour can have lasting effects.

We will eventually talk about what builds the tissue and strength of the thyroid, however the first action is to remove anything that could be a detriment to thyroid health. This is a basic, easy step to start with, but vital.

Remember, Chlorine is added to water to kill bacteria and microbes. Fluoride is added to help “strengthen” bones and teeth. Bromine is added to flower to bleach and strengthen the bonds between a gluten and molecules, which gives our bread it’s chewy and soft texture. Daily consumption of these can keep triggering the removal of iodine.

The first step is preventative measures. Start by making sure your water is free of any elements but water and neutral in pH. The thyroid must be hydrated for it to actually work. Again, you have to have water for the thyroid dysfunction, it is the first step to thyroid health!

And start by finding a bromine/bleach free flour source. Some practitioners advise say cutting out wheat and grains all together is best for the thyroid, we will discuss gluten in posts to come. But finding a good organic non-bleach source of flour would be advised if you continue to eat flour.
To allow the thyroid to heal, I often suggest that patients give up any form of flour to allow it to rest and strengthen. Then in later months see if the thyroid is strong enough to handle a good organic source of flour.

Implement these initial steps to healing the thyroid. It may seem very simple, but it gives your thyroid rest to start building strength and hormone levels.

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