Chemical Imbalances: Explanations for Feeling Unstable
I often hear patients say, “I FEEL chemically imbalanced” or “I feel off today.” And they say it as if they are joking, but I know they really mean it.

Chemical imbalance is a descriptive term for UNSTABLE feelings or deep INSECURITY. There is meaning and science behind your feelings of insecurity.

Remember, emotions become tagged to past experiences, thoughts, or traumas…if they are REPLAYED enough in the subconscious brain. We “tag” a memory as happy, sad, or whatever, and that FEELING comes up anytime the memory is triggered. If the memory constantly plays in the subconscious, we will chronically feel the emotion.

Experiences or traumas in your life that have a huge impact, CREATE deep neurological and BIOCHEMICAL changes(neuro plasticity) in order to HANDLE THE MEMORY…this is called adaptation processing.

As time passes on and that memory is replayed in the brain, your body relied on a storehouse and supply of minerals and vitamins(from food) to constantly process neurotransmitters and hormones to adapt to the stress.

As we get older, the memory GROWS, along with the nerve that carries them. As a result, our bodies need more nutrients to process and produce more stress hormones that are responding to the memory!

3 main hormones and their genetic MARKERS come to my mind when checking for Instability:
1. Serotonin: MAO-A gene=ADD, ADHD, irritability, sleep problems, anxiety
2. Dopamine: MAO-B and MAO-A genes=depression, anxiety, never satisfied or fulfilled
3. Adrenaline/Cortisol: PNMT and COMT genes=low energy, chronic fatigue, anxious

If you FEEL chemically imbalanced, find a functional medicine practitioner who can access these genes. You can also get a hormone test to find the levels of the hormones(Dutch testing or ZRT labs). These genes are often helped by B vitamins, such as B6, B12, Boron, and multi-minerals. Check them out! Knowing why you feel unstable or imbalanced is the first step in this journey.
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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