Deleting Old Memories: Increase Your Brain Speed

Ever experience sluggish memory, slow mental processing, short term memory issues, or brain fog?

You may be storing too many old files on your brain’s hard drive. The feeling of overwhelmed and slow mental processing can stem from the brain running too many projects and storing too many files on the hard drive. The more files you store(old trauma) the more battery power and energy you waste. This can create two scenarios:
– The old file can hold information that can create emotional TRIGGERS throughout life.
– Excess files decrease bandwidth for processing speed.

The process of increasing memory space, without removing old files, takes lots of energy. Like downloading a new operating system or adding more GIGS to your hard drive.

Instead of pushing yourself to use more energy to create more space…try to eliminate and simplify.

The more files/traumas you eliminate in your life, the more you create free space for more downloads, greater bandwidth, and faster processing.

Downloads from the Mind and God increase significantly when we delete:)

Remember to check these techniques out!
– Brainspotting
– NET-Neuro Emotional Technique
– NAET-Allergy Elimination Technique
– EFT-Emotional freedom technique
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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