Many patients and friends do not like to take supplements. I understand that, but I’m asked what to do instead of supplements. As I would like for my patients to increase on the vit d, c, silver, and echinacea, this is an alternative to boost the immune. They have been shown in research to flight cold and flu symptoms.

  1. Rest – sleep 8 hours or more
  2. Hydration – 1/2 your body weight in ounces
  3. Chicken or Beef bone broth soup – as much as possible…they are full of minerals and natural blood builders

If you get a cold, don’t think too hard, stay simple, work through and balance as much as possible with these steps. SOMETIMES LESS IS BETTER.

In TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) the two most important things to keep healthy:

  1. Chi Strength
  2. Blood strength

These three simple steps build both the chi and blood!

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