First off fasting may not be for everyone. But for those who do, here is some motivation to keep going.
Fasting, especially Intermittent Fasting, has become an effective way to create detoxification and weight loss. “Repairing the road may require stopping traffic for a while.”
There are many types of intermittent fasting plans, and they each have their efficacy. Choosing the plan for you is important, and it may need the advice of a holistic healthcare practitioner.
Benefits: Digest Fats, Detox, Weight Loss, Autophagy, Increased Immune, Reduce Inflammation, Destroys Invaders, Increase Mitochondria, and Activates Stem Cells.
Many times, when a patient fasts in my office, they will feel worse before they feel better. And at times they may stop the fasting because it is too hard on their bodies.
How can fasting create such harsh symptoms?
Basically it is the body releasing toxins from your fat cells. One of your livers primary function is to detoxify you of all environmental toxins, create and recycle hormones, and eliminate infections.
The toxins that enter the liver from the intestines is in a fat-soluble state, which basically means they have not been made water soluble to be placed in your stool, urine, sweat, or bile. The toxins are attached to fats, and it’s the livers job to make them water soluble. The liver accomplishes this through the 3 phases of detoxification as mentioned on the previous post.
A low functioning or fatigued liver will result in more toxins being placed in your fat cells. If the toxins cannot be excreted, the body will “store them away” so the toxins won’t float around harming the body.
As the toxins in your previous year are contained within your fat cells, a fast will challenge your body to use fat as a source of energy. Fasting eliminates sugar as a fuel source, especially with keto-fasting. Sugar is a QUICK SOURCE of energy, and if it’s not an option, your body will start using fat as energy.
Fat cells start releasing fatty acids as a fuel source, and any fat-soluble toxins attached to them are released.
Phase 1 liver detox will initiate the breakdown of fat soluble toxins. However if the toxins cannot be pushed into phase 2 to make them water soluble, the toxins back up into the liver and create heavy detox symptoms. The toxins are stuck.
Fasting eliminates natural sources of amino acids, proteins, b-vitamins, minerals, and general vitamins, which are all needed for fat toxins to be pushed into phase 2. Amino Acids are especially important with converting fat soluble toxins to water soluble.
During fasts i suggest to patients that they supplement with amino acids and some methyl donor b-vitamins as they fast. This can dampen and reduce the detox symptoms, and actually help the body with the fasting. Helping the fasting body move through all phases of detox with supplementation is not cheating! You are accentuating the body’s detox pathways.
You will find fasting easier if you aid your liver with Nutrients. Here are some suggestions:
Phase 1
Vit B2, B3, and B6
Folic Acid(can be in the form of folate or Folinic acid)
B12 (different forms, adenosyl-, hydroxy-, or methylcobolamine)
Phase 2
Remember to ask the advice of your holistic healthcare professional for nutrient advice.

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