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This is for every parent who has restless nights. First thing don’t get overwhelmed with the info, just check the simple steps and do things little by little.

This post is not to tell you a ton of supplements to give to your little one to get them to sleep, it is to use simple steps to see if it can help.

These are suggestions for ages 2 and up, but if you have a newborn or toddler you can research:

  1. The mother taking the supplements to transfer by breast milk
  2. Adding drops, liquids, or powders intoa bottle for them to drink

Steps if they can’t sleep:

  1. Food sensitivity: you could be transferring allergens or food sensitivities through breast milk. Get you young one a saliva or blood test to check baseline allergens.
  2. If you don’t want to go that route, make a food diary of what you and your young one eats. Find out which nights are worst and see what was eaten in the LAST TWO DAYS PRIOR.
  3. Start by eliminating foods that contain GRAINS (corn, wheat, rice, etc.) DAIRY (yogurt, milk, creamer, ice cream, cheese) SOY, NUTS
  4. Add infant/children probiotics to their diet and start adding them TO YOURS AS WELL. If you want to know specific strains, you can do VIOME gut bacteria testing. Hit up their website, it’s good stuff! Probiotics help heal digestion especially when it comes to gallbladder and liver which are in healing mode between 11pm-1am. 
  5. Omega oils-fish sources and plant sources need to be researched. If you have a family history of gallbladder problems be mindful and closely watch if any fats aggravate your young one. However, research shows the benefits of good fats on sleep in children and adults.
  6. Research has shown that small amounts of gaba can help with sleep in children as well. Research studies and experience in the office has shown that 1-2mg at night help create rest in the nerves of the body.

Most sleep issues are digestive in nature. If your child can’t sleep and you have already tried the steps above, then look into getting the blood checked for infections-strep, EBV, parasitic, etc. You can go the normal route or find an applied kinesiologist, acupuncturist, or holistic practitioner to help.

In the end, the methylation process within the liver helps create healthy levels of melatonin-which helps us sleep. If all else fails, have the liver methylation pathways of the child checked. There are previous posts on how to get this testing done.

These are just suggestions, and always CONSULT YOUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN FIRST if you have any questions, especially when it comes to your young ones.

The simple steps are the place to start, don’t get overwhelmed…your children can sleep if the digestion is balanced.

I’ve seen these steps heal up a kids sleep prett quickly many times.

I will go into sleeping and children even deeper in the future!

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