LEO – The Lion – July 22 – August 23

Some of the strongest people I know are Leo. The element for your sign is fire, which completely describes you. Since you are born in the summer, your strongest “planet” is the sun. You are blessed with the innate ability to LEAD. People are drawn to you for your STRENGTH. The archetype of Leo is the King. However, you do not use your natural ability to overpower or get what you want selfishly. Your desire is to get what you want for the GREATER GOOD.

The natural leadership within you comes from your work ethic. You choose to lead and motivate by example, with no fear of getting your hands dirty to express the hard work that all leaders should possess. This is a component of your self-esteem; you take pride in the fact that what you have accomplished comes from what you have put in. The self-esteem should not be mistaken for EGO-driven pride, but a pride guided by INTEGRITY. You are appreciative for open honesty, no false-pretense, or fake facade…within yourself and others. It is not surprising that you make everyone else want to be the best they can be.

– Natural Leaders
– Strong
– Courageous
– Trailblazers
– Steady – Fixed in Your Beliefs
– Fiery
– High Self-Esteem
– Respectful
– Protective

These characteristics of Leo are natural ingredients for self-confidence and excelling. Leos usually progress and are “good at everything” they put their work into. It is very attractive to anyone who is around this sign. One of the great qualities that sets Leo apart is their desire to see others have the same confidence and characteristics within. It is important that everyone is respected for their natural self-worth. If anyone impinges on the rights of a Leo’s friend, family or anyone who is less-fortunate, watch out…they will come for you. Protection and leadership run hand in hand with this individual.

It will be Leo’s natural tendency to inspire. Everyone else will want a piece of the inspiration, because it allows them to see their innate POTENTIAL. If Leo is not careful, they can find themselves working non-stop to inspire others. Their whole life has been centered by achievement, and this can create the belief that “I am rewarded for what I do, not for who I am.” Not only is this a program that is perceived externally, but internally as well. A tired Leo, will start to love themselves based on what they PRODUCE instead of who they are.

Fatigue to a Leo shows as:
– Feeling controlled easily
– Workaholic tendencies
– Always looking ahead instead of being present
– Hard time achieving an intimate relationship

How to counter it:
– Practice scheduled SELF CARE
– Process internal emotions through prayer, counseling, and meditation
– Have fun activities consistently
– Remember FAILURE IS OKAY! It’s a teacher
– Be aware of anyone who is a downer or negative. Avoid the environment of pessimism, don’t let anyone oppress your passion and leadership.

Your narrative shows courage, strength, and justice.
Hydra – The Serpent: There are those people out there who want to tear down everything. You have the strength to create awareness of this energy and overcome it for yourself and others.
Crater – The Cup: You are the sign that sees and understands balance, Especially when it comes to moral code. You want what is fair in this world, you are a natural leader.
Corvus – The Raven: You strengthen yourself and those around you to shed and “pick” off the dead weight in life. You help create space!

Leo you give us motivation and strength!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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