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Beginning the journey to create balance in your life usually takes an ending.

There will be relationships, ideas, beliefs, walls, that need to we ended for you to move forward.

There is no other way to put it. The grief you have experienced comes from knowing that you have to end a season in your life.

Breaking free is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when it involves people you have cared about, hardwired beliefs, and unhealthy habits.

However guilt, self blame, and shame start to kick in, and your ego will try and convince you to hold on.

If these feelings happen, it may be an indication that an end to a season in your life is needed.

Even your cells follow this principle. It is called autophagy. If you find something is toxic to your body, you hopefully will avoid and end it.

When the cells stop having to encounter and process toxins, they break down inside. This breaking it down is not a negative thing. It allows the cell to take all toxins, even the ones hidden, and start to recycle them.

The cell recycles old parts to make brand new ones. Breaking down was necessary for the cell to survive.

There may be a natural pull to this process as you start to heal:
1. Awareness – all the unhealthy attachment, beliefs, habits, and relationships
2. Grieving – except and Process that letting go may be the best thing for you…AND ITS NOT YOUR FAULT, no SELF BLAME
3. Breaking down – let it out, cry it out and feel… Don’t be afraid to let it process through you
4. Growth – your mind and body will naturally take the old parts to make something BRAND NEW

And as it is written, “Whoever loses their life will find it.” 🦋
Portrait by @jeremycowart 
Art Direction and Style @lindsayblaze

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