LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Libra’s have a motto, “Let’s all get along.” This sign is represented by the SCALES, the balance of life.

Libra’s love peace, not only within themselves but in all those around them. They are creative mediators who can see the missing pieces within others, and can connect all the dots. This insight also comes with the ability to feel the emotions of others…which can be a good thing, or not so good.

That is why everyone loves being around a Libra, they bring peace, calming, and connection to anyone who encounters them. The word DIPLOMACY comes to mind, such good mediators. When you are around a Libra, you feel NO JUDGEMENT, because they are willing to see your point of view and work with it.

They are:
– Kind and Gentle
– Inquisitive
– Balanced and Fair
– Calm
– Grace Filled
– Loyal
– Altruistic – Always looking out for the good of others.
– Cooperative
– Exciting and Adventurous

If our world did not have Libras, I think there would more fighting than there is now. They are peacemakers. It is their gifting to feel tension or disharmony between anyone, and figure a way to bring balance by seeing both sides. Creating compromise is God-given, not every one is geared for this type of work.

The psychological and emotional strengths within this sign also show up with a Libra’s choice of food, art, books, and self care. They love the finer things, higher-quality you might say:) Seeing and attracting beautiful things is important to a Libra, especially in home, job, partner, and the aesthetics. It brings them joy when life is beautiful picture.

Libras have such great imaginations. They may be seen as up in the clouds, but it is only because they see the BIG PICTURE of life. They see the BALANCE of it all. If something in their life, i.e. relationships, work, hobbies, location or environment, does not “fit in” then they may become uncertain or feel trapped. A Libra will work hard to find missing pieces into their lives to create happiness and joy…this is why they are dreamers!

Vision is a gift, and our world needs Libras who can see the whole picture, the end result. This viewpoint shows the SCALES within them; they are always looking out for the good of others.

It is important to a Libra to feel they have control of their life. Focusing on one thing can make them feel uncomfortable and controlled. Variety and beauty is a must in their life. At the same time, they love input and advice from others in a NON-CONTROLLING manner. Libras do not like to feel controlled!

When Libras fall in love, they fall hard! Finding a libra will guarantee a deep, committed, and exciting relationship. Blessed if you find one!

As the Libra spreads kindness through creating balance and peace, it takes a toll. I often keep track on my Fall-time friends. Vision, peace keeping, diplomacy, and looking out for others can deplete the Libra. When deep fatigue sets in, it can lead to a Libra withdrawing into themselves and becoming apathetic, emotionless, and sometimes cynical. Only because they give too much of themselves at the expense of their personal identity. “Who am I?” Spending all day creating balance in others often leads to neglect of balance within themselves.

This sign has similar qualities to a 9 on the Enneagram.

To seek and regain balance:
– Set aside plenty of self-time and space. You need your own time to cultivate and re-charge.
– Avoid violent or traumatic music, movies, books, etc. You need peaceful outlets. AVOID DRAMA!
– Cut off loudmouths or aggressive individuals in your inner circle of friends.
– Realize that your VISION is needed. The world receives advancement in all areas because of you.

The narrative of the STARS in Libra: Again Redemption
Crux: The Cross-a sign of life and salvation in many ancient cultures…you bring life to those around you.
Lupus: The Slain-laying down life for someone else, sacrificial. You will put others in front of your needs.
Corona: The Crown-victory and joy comes only from sacrifice. Your vision brings life and freedom to those around you.

Thank you Libras for bringing peace and vision!

From Psalms: “Look at the splendor of Your skies, Your creative genius glowing in the heavens. When I gaze at Your moon and Your stars, mounted like jewels in their settings, I know You are the fascinating artist who fashioned it all!” Psalms‬ ‭8:3‬

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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